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"Khal" Crocodile Skin Wallet

SKU: EW003

Handmade wallet with authentic crocodile skin and leather.

  • Return & Exchange Policy

    It is our goal to make the return & exchange as simple as possible to you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to provide you with store credit, so you may find something else. If there is a manufacturing error with the product you received, we’ll also love to make it right by exchanging the defective product with a new one. 

    Handmade Products
    We acknowledge that certain errors may happen from time to time, especially with our handmade products. When handmade products are done properly, they are far better made and hold more value than machine made; however, human error is possible. We will strive to make it right as soon as possible. 

    How to Submit a Request
    We require all our returns and exchanges to be requested via email to info@erandifashion.com within 30 days from purchase. Please attach a copy of your receipt, a picture of the item being returned or exchanged, and the reason for the request. If you would like an exchange and you know which item you would like to obtain, please provide the product information within the body of the email.  

    After review, you will receive a response from our team and (if applicable) a return label will be sent to you. The same team member will assist you throughout the process to ensure ease of communication, completion of the process, and your complete satisfaction. 
    As soon as we receive the item, we will provide you with a discount code to apply as credit towards another item in the Erandi Site, we will ship the item requested in your original email, or we will send you the replacement for the defective item. 

    Price Difference
    If the item being replaced has a higher price than the one being returned, the customer is responsible to pay the difference prior to the new item being shipped. If the new item has a lower price, the difference will be applied as store credit for a future purchase.  

    Contact Us
    We welcome your comments and suggestions to continue to improve our products/services. Contact us via email at info@erandifashion.com.